Our Team

A collective of passionate workmen, skilled designers and managers.

With decades of combined experience, Regal Group’s team has a varied skill set and bags of passion.


Often the main issue with old spaces is that they’ve not been designed practically. 21st Century architects understand the needs of modern spaces and can help turn your archaic property into a modern, soft area which caters to the requirements of your target demographic.

Interior Designers

It’s up to you which direction you want your renovation to take, but our experienced designers will always be on hand to offer you advice in terms of which materials are at your disposal. Older builds often suffer from the retro materials they are built with – new materials can help give your renovation real longevity.

Skilled Labourers

We don’t outsource the work that we need done to cowboys. Our trusted team of contractors have extensive experience working on sites that are laden with heritage and understand that such places must be treated with respect. They also have a strong grasp on archaic building materials – allowing them to minimise drastic, aesthetic alternations to their surroundings.

Cultural Advisers

Although we understand that our clients will have a strong grasp on their own property, sometimes you might need guidance on the new direction of your establishment. The retinue of cultural advisers we have at our disposal combine their historical knowledge of the industry with an understanding of the modern day audience – so you can feel confident in your new approach to your business.