More Than Just A Trip To The Cinema

A new kind of event is on the rise and it’s showing cinemas how to get people excited about movies again.

Cinema is one of the unifying cultural standards that has the power to bring together all kinds of people, no matter how disparate their origins. Cultural landmark films, such as Titanic, Grease and The Matrix are revered today (despite their age) because of the power they had to inspire and influence so many people upon their release.

These classic films have now found a new lease of life, being re-screened within the context of innovative events that allow fans to relive their favourite movies on the big screen through a different perspective.

Although we’re firm in the belief that any trip to the cinema has the potential to be a life affirming experience – depending on the quality of the film and the state of the cinema – there’s a new kind of movie experience that is increasing in popularity and it’s giving the ‘standard’ night at the movies a run for it’s money.

The Drive-in Cinema

It might well be a cliche in and of itself, that is associated with the American genres of Midnight Movies and Grindhouse cinema, but the Drive-in Cinema is starting to make waves in the UK. So much of our cinematic culture is influenced by the States, it only makes sense that we should start to adopt this distinctively retro tradition as well.

Taking advantage of balmy summer nights; events companies are making a killing setting up temporary cinemas in wide open spaces and showing classic films that are guaranteed to draw in big crowds. It’s a new way to experience movies that makes you feel like you’re almost part of one!

The Movie Experience

Each and every film is a cult favourite for a reason. Whether it’s an iconic outfit or a particularly memorable set – it’s often these physical markers of a film that will make them endure: think the Cantina in Star Wars.

Companies like Secret Cinema are now capitalising on the ambience of cult hits such as Bladerunner, The Lost Boys and Alien, by creating tailor-made, one-off experiences based on these iconic films. Set in breathtakingly unusual venues and featuring hired actors in authentic costumes, fans of these films can enjoy re-watching them whilst being immersed in a simulacrum of the movie world.

The Orchestral Movie Night

Often, it’s the soundtrack for a movie that sets it apart from it’s competitors. How thrilling would the opening for Jaws really be without John Williams’ pulsating score? Whilst it’s always fun to re-watch these classics, without the iconic music they might not be as enjoyable.

Touring orchestras have recognised the love people have for music in cinema and have started to perform entire scores alongside screenings of classic films. Most recently, the world of Harry Potter has been brought to life with a live orchestra accompanying a touring screening, giving Potter fans an excuse to get lost in their favourite world once more and share an unforgettable experience.

In order for cinemas to remain current and sustain ticket sales, we think it’s important for them to expand their programming to include these kinds of events, in order to foster a real sense of community within their establishment and create exciting moments, for their visitors to enjoy.

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