Projectors & Lights

Cutting edge light systems and lovingly restored projectors.

Although a lot can be said for the aesthetic redevelopment of a cinema or theatre, it’s imperative that a restoration covers all the bases.

Regardless of the historical nature of a theatre, it’s important that a venue has the capacity to be able to cater to all kinds of modern productions. Light riggings need to be completely customisable, sound systems must be fully digital and there should be dedicated spaces for visual effects. Just because your theatre looks like it’s from the past doesn’t mean that your performances should be trapped there!

Likewise, your restored cinema should come complete with the correct technology that best suits it’s needs. A modern multiplex¬†has the potential to show films in several formats. Although digital screenings are slowly becoming the standard nationwide, there is a growing demand for screenings in traditional film formats – there’s also format such as 3D, IMAX and D-Box to consider.

The programme that your establishment offers will depend largely on the technology that you install Рour tech specialists are always on hand to make sure that you make the right decision from purchase to installation.