Programming & Aquisition

Often, cinemas and theatres need more than just a physical overhaul.

A big part of what we try and achieve with our restorations is the development of a brand that will come to define the establishment’s relationship with it’s community.

In the early days of cinema and theatre, the public did not expect much more out of their regular haunts than a couple of hours of entertainment and a cheap box of popcorn. Popcorn might well have risen in price exponentially, but at least modern entertainment venues are now expected to provide certain social benefits to their respective communities.

The most successful cinemas are more than just places to watch the latest box-office smashes. You can harness the potential of your cinema by understanding your target demographic and offering them the kind of programming which will have them turning up in droves.

Similarly, a theatre that understands the tastes of its punters will be one that makes a good deal of money. There’s a massive range of activities and events that you can set up in a theatre space – schedule the right kind of events and you can bring your old theatre back into the public consciousness.

Our team of Cultural Advisers are on hand to guide you through the process of rebranding your establishment, so that you can be in the best position come opening day.