Cinema & Theatre Restoration

Tackling the restoration of period-specific entertainment spaces.

For the last few decades, the rise of home entertainment platforms have been forcing theatres and cinemas out of business – but change is in the air. 

Since the rise of television in the 50s, the concept of live entertainment has been under threat. Televisions found their way into the homes of thousands of people during the 1950s and soon became one of the key entertainment platforms in the world. Up until this point, the only forms of visual entertainment open to the average person would be the theatre or the cinema.

For every newly built multiplex that was built in an out-of-town commercial complex, there was a perfectly restorable cinema that would lie empty and potentially derelict. Theatres, which had already come under threat from the competition that cinemas brought, were even more at risk.

Today, though, despite the increasing ease of home entertainment through the use of the internet, people are once more seeking experiential forms of fun. Whether this is a screening of a remastered classic, a stand up comedy night or an evening of burlesque – the paying public’s hunger for live entertainment is steadily increasing, making the 21st Century a perfect time to renovate and re-brand your theatre or cinema. 

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